Fluxx Resources

Resources for registration and accessing the Fluxx Grantee Portal

In order to access the CFSEM, DMC, or Scholarship grantee portals you first need to register for an account. Your registration will be processed through our grants management team and you will receive notification to setup your password once your registration is completed. If you have an existing profile with us we will link your registration to the profile, giving you access to all your grants history.

Use the links below to register or login. Your username will continue to be the email address on your profile.

Please note: All Fluxx portals are separate deployments, so if you have a Fluxx account with another foundation you do need to register with us separately.

For more detailed information on the registration process and using the grantee portal, please see our Fluxx Guide.

Fluxx Portal Registration

Fluxx Portal Login

For any questions concerning accessing Fluxx or technical questions on the portal, please contact our grant’s management team at applications@cfsem.org.