Budgets you have started and saved during the application process can be found here should you need to edit them before submission. 

Revisions Requested
If staff have any questions about your budget or would like a revision, you will receive an email notification to login. You can find the application here for editing. 

Submitted/Under Review
After submitting your application, your submitted budget will appear here while staff reviews the application and supporting materials. 

Budgets that have been approved during the application process, will appear here. 


Assuming all the grant prerequisites have been met and that the Foundation has received signed terms of grant, you will see the grant payment schedule at this location. 

In the event there are prerequisites in place that have not been met, grant payments will appear in this section of the applicant portal. 

Payments Processing
Any payments that the Foundation is processing, will appear here. 

If a grant payment has been issued, you can find record of that payment, including the check number and date of payment, here. 

In the event your organization has refunded unused funds or the Foundation has reissued a missing check, you will find records of those transactions at this spot on the portal. 


When done editing, always “Save” your request using the button at the top before returning to the main page. This ensure you can return to continue editing. Only click the “Submit” button when the page is complete.  Once you submit, you will no longer be able to edit..