How to Use the Portal

The icons on the left-hand side are called “cards”. When you click on the link beneath each card, you can access the following:


Once you have started an application, you can find the unsubmitted document here to complete. 

Revisions Requested
If staff have any questions about your application or would like a revision, you will receive an email notification to login. You can find the application here for editing. 

Submitted/Under Review
After submitting your application, it will appear here while staff reviews the application and supporting materials. 

Unfortunately, the needs of the community exceed the Foundation’s limited financial resources. Here is where you will find applications we have not been able to fund.


Pending Terms
Applications that have been approved by the Foundation and are awaiting signed and returned terms through DocuSign, will appear here on the application portal. 

Active Grants
After the Foundation has received a signed terms of grant agreement, you can find a read-only version of your application here. 

When the grant is complete, all payments have been made, and reports have been approved by the appropriate program officers, you will find your closed grant applications and supporting materials at this link.