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To us, southeast Michigan is more than a geographic region — it’s the place we call home and that’s what drives both our grantmaking and agency endowment programs.


Over the years, the Community Foundation has helped to create and fund numerous projects that improve the lives of those who live here. Our interest areas span from arts and culture, to the environment, to health and human services.

We seek to make strategic investments in the community, and look to partner with nonprofit organizations to help create enduring solutions to complex problems. Effecting change requires both passion and measured thought, and we work hard to find proposals that encompass both.

As we do our grantmaking, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is also committed to honoring the intentions of our many donors and creating solutions that make everlasting positive impacts.

And above all else, we are keenly interested in what inspires you. We look forward to hearing your ideas for transforming our vision for a healthy and prosperous region into reality

How To Apply

The General Grant Application is now live for the two remaining application cycles of 2020.

Our grants support a wide range of projects and organizations. As our potential partner, you simply need to read the General Grant Guidelines – Special 2020 Version, which have been temporarily redesigned to address challenges during COVID-19.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us. But if you do not, simply log into our Grant Portal and start an application.

Important Note: We have a new online grants management system. If you think you will apply for a grant, you should go on the site now and register your organization. Registration only needs to happen once, but is required before you can submit an application. Once your registration request has been submitted, please allow up to 10 business days for it to be approved.

Nonprofit Agency Endowments

The Community Foundation advocates endowment-building because this source of permanent capital helps organizations plan for a stable and secure future. Endowments are also a great way to generate general operating support funds for your organization.

More than 200 nonprofit organizations are already building endowments with us to benefit their organizations.

Their endowment funds provide these organizations with a reliable, ongoing source of financial support. We enhance their efforts by leveraging our expertise, systems and excellent financial management and oversight.

An endowed fund can help your organization in perpetuity.



The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is operating remotely, effective Tues., March 24, 2020. This will allow us to guard the health of our staff and their families, as well as our many partners.

You can reach our team via or by calling us at 313.961.6675