Initiatives and Programs

To maximize our positive impact on the region, the Community Foundation develops and implements large-scale, multi-year regional initiatives and programs on a regular basis. Working with donors, nonprofit organizations, civic leaders, local and national experts, and members of the southeast Michigan community, the Community Foundation identifies key concerns and develops initiatives to address specific concerns, as well as opportunities within the region.
  • Building upon the Community Foundation’s work on the Greenways Initiative and The Great Outdoors Initiative, the Foundation began to identify opportunities to more specifically address the epidemic of childhood obesity in our region. The Community Foundation invested in several programs and outreach strategies within schools, hospitals, public health agencies, public television and radio and other nonprofit organizations that were addressing many of the risk factors that lead to childhood obesity.

  • The GreenWays Initiative was developed to create opportunities for collaboration and shared environmental awareness and appreciation by the residents of the seven-county region served by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. The initiative began as a five-year initiative as a comprehensive effort to expand and enhance our region’s natural landscape.

  • Beginning this year, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is engaging in a new partnership with the Michigan Cultural Data Project (Michigan CDP). The first management tool of its kind, the Michigan CDP is a state-wide, collaborative effort of public and private funders throughout Michigan and consists of an online system for collecting and standardizing historical financial and organizational data.

  • At New Economy Initiative, we’re changing the face of our future by helping make thousands of ideas become the next economic engine.

    Granting. Convening. Changing a culture. All while getting the entrepreneurs and small businesses that will drive it, what they need, when they need it.

    New Economy Initiative. Make it your business.


    The New Economy Initiative for Southeast Michigan awards grants to support the efforts of nonprofit organizations and governing agencies to transform the economy of southeast Michigan. Grants are available for a variety of activities, but proposed activities must be focused on the three modules of activities as outlined in their granmaking overview

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  • The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has established the Professional Advisors Philanthropic Institute to provide to a new generation of attorneys, accountants and financial planners an understanding of the philanthropic values, goals and needs of clients and the knowledge and skills needed to work with a team of related professionals to increase philanthropy in our community.
  • To strengthen organizations and projects that support LGBT individuals and families, through targeted grantmaking, projects and technical assistance.
  • As part of its broader program to strengthen civic leadership, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan’s has committed to increasing the number, quality and diversity of young leaders in the region. Our Youth Leadership Initiative pursues a variety of strategies and programs to achieve these goals