Join the Youth Advisory Committee

February 28, 2017

Youth Advisory Committee Accepting Applications For New Members

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is a unique opportunity to learn about philanthropy, grantmaking, volunteerism, and a place to develop and strengthen leadership skills and have fun!

The YAC meets is compromised of middle and high school-aged youth throughout southeast Michigan who meet monthly, evaluate grant applications, and make recommendations to fund projects and programs that support youth organizations in southeast Michigan.

For more than 20 years, our YAC members have recommended over 196 youth-serving grants totaling more than $1.3 million.

The Youth Leadership project makes several grants each year that typically range in size from $2,500 to $20,000. The grants are made to local nonprofit organizations or school districts proposing a project that will either involve youth in the development of the program or will build opportunities for youth leaders.

We are currently accepting applications to join the YAC for the 2017-2018 school year.

The deadline to turn in your application is April 15, 2017.

YAC Application