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3 Reasons to Start a Donor Advised Fund

Consider starting a Donor Advised Fund as a part of your charitable giving.

You create a fund with a minimum gift of $10,000, and recommend grants over time from the fund to charities of your choosing. The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan provides administrative support and oversight of the investment of the fund which can grow tax free.

Here are three benefits of establishing a Donor Advised Fund with the Community Foundation:

  • Powerful

    • We know southeast Michigan and nonprofits. We can work with you to advise you about grantmaking to organizations across the country.
  • Simple
    • You can start a Donor Advised Fund in one day. After the fund is created, you can recommend grants online anytime
  • Tax Smart

    • You get an immediate deduction for your entire gift to the fund.

The Community Foundation has over three decades of experience in managing Donor Advised Funds and charitable giving. We have strong connections with the charities in our region and a deep understanding of needs in all areas including education, arts and culture, health and wellness, environment, youth, human services, and the regional economy.

Consider the Community Foundation as your partner in your charitable giving. Our philanthropic services team is always available at 313-961-6675 or by using the form below.

We welcome the opportunity to help you simplify your charitable giving and achieve your goals.

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