Supporting Organizations offer donors significant advantages — including favorable tax status and full participation in grantmaking and investment decisions — while avoiding the financial and management burdens that private foundations often encounter. A Supporting Organization is a separate corporation managed by the Community Foundation. These public charities have separate Boards of Trustees and may have separate investment counselors. Supporting Organizations benefit from the professional support of Community Foundation staff, who assist in the administration of their funds.

Donors can establish a new supporting organization with a $5 million endowment. An existing private foundation with $5 million or more in assets can be converted or terminated into a supporting organization at the Community Foundation.

A Supporting Organization:

  • Enables donors to achieve their philanthropic goals
  • Generates significant tax advantages compared to a private foundation
  • Places fewer restrictions on giving and grantmaking than private foundations
  • Can be established with a minimum contribution of $5 million


The Community Foundation provides a variety of fee-based, back-office services for private foundations to help them minimize administrative costs and maximize charitable impact. These include:

  • Recommending worthy organizations for grants
  • Developing charitable mission statements
  • Connecting donors with similar interests
  • Grant administration and check-processing
  • Financial reporting


For a consultation, please contact our Philanthropic Services department at 313.961.6675.