About Us

We are your Community Foundation, here to make a difference in our region today ... and forever. We support donors with their charitable giving, and we fund, develop and nurture programs that create lasting, positive benefits.

We are your Community Foundation, here to make a difference in our region today ... and forever. We support donors with their charitable giving, and we fund, develop and nurture programs that create lasting, positive benefits.

About Us

We support donors and their charitable intentions, and fund, develop and nurture programs that create lasting positive benefits for us all.

We build and protect endowments, growing permanent community capital to serve as an everlasting resource — a base of stable financial support —  for this and all future generations.

We serve as a vehicle for donors, volunteers and community members to identify important issues, share ideas and build financial resources to make positive long-term change.

We work with donors to honor their intentions, and have the expertise to put their desire to make a positive impact into action. Using creativity and hard work, we strive to make permanent change.

We develop and support programs that provide the most benefit to the community. Through hard work and with hard data, we help ensure the funds are there to create perpetual good.

Making southeast Michigan a better place isn’t a one-person job. It takes a team of people bringing passion and hard work to philanthropic projects. For more than 30 years we’ve helped support projects that benefit us all.

Call us to talk about how you would like to make a difference in southeast Michigan. 313.961.6675.


The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan was established in 1984 for the betterment of the residents of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, Washtenaw, St. Clair and Livingston counties. Since then, we’ve come to be defined by the positive impact we’ve helped to create.

To us, southeast Michigan isn’t a geographic region. It’s the place we call home. And because of that, we care deeply about it and have a strong understanding of how our community can be improved. Over the years, we’ve helped create and fund numerous projects — ranging from education to arts and culture to community development — that improve the lives of those who live here.

The Community Foundation is more than an organization. We are passionate professionals striving to make our region the best it can be. We are dedicated to making powerful change in our communities and solving the complex problems facing our region. We are here to help … in perpetuity.

Vision and Mission

To create permanent positive change in people’s lives

We enhance the quality of life in southeast Michigan

We promote and facilitate permanent change in the seven counties of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston and St. Clair, and we help donors invest in organizations they care about nationwide. We do this by:

  • Making strategic investments in programs and organizations that benefit the region
  • Equipping organizations and the public with knowledge and information that will lead to positive change
  • Building endowment – community capital – to meet our region’s needs today and tomorrow, and
  • Providing expert assistance to donors and their advisors in their charitable planning

Foundation Memberships

Council of Michigan Foundations 
The Council of Michigan Foundations is a nonprofit association of foundations and corporations making charitable grants in Michigan. The Council of Michigan Foundations seeks to enhance and improve philanthropy in Michigan through assisting grantmakers in their work.

Council on Foundations 
The Council on Foundations is a national organization based in Arlington, Virginia, dedicated to supporting and promoting responsible and effective philanthropy.

Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities
The Funders’ Network exists to inspire, strengthen and expand funding and philanthropic leadership that yield environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically prosperous regions and communities.

Independent Sector
Independent Sector is a nonpartisan coalition of nonprofits, foundations and corporate giving programs committed to advancing the common good in the United States.

Michigan Nonprofit Association
The Michigan Nonprofit Association is an organization whose mission is promoting the awareness and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector, and advancing the cause of volunteerism and philanthropy in the state of Michigan.