Positive Emotional Development and Learning Skills


PEDALS is improving preschool children’s emotional competence and skills.

A Foundation for Success

Children with higher social emotional skills are more successful in school and life. They’re more successful in elementary school, are less likely to drop out of school, are less likely to commit crimes in adolescence, and they earn more as adults. PEDALS, a partnership between the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation and the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, improves preschool children’s emotional competence and skills.

PEDALS in southeast Michigan is building on the lessons learned and ongoing activities of the program started by the Health Foundation of Western and Central New York and the Elizabeth and Peter Tower Foundation. Southeast Michigan has replicated the New York model and is in its third year of implementation.

PEDALS includes:

  • Implementation of an evidence-based social emotional curriculum in the classroom (Second Step)
  • Implementation of a validated screening tool for social emotional development
  • Training for the curriculum
  • In-classroom coaching by early childhood experts for teachers and staff
  • Improvement and sustainability coaching for administrators
  • Ongoing evaluation

PEDALS organizations receive the curriculum, screening materials, training, and coaching at no cost.

They also receive a small grant. Each PEDALS cohort runs for two years.

Questions? Feel free to contact

Kamilah Henderson

Director, PEDALS Michigan