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2023 Community Foundation Yearbook

Since the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan was established in 1984, we have always prioritized equity — whether it’s our support for early childhood education, creating accessible greenways and blueways,...

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2022 Community Foundation Yearbook

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan continues to support, collaborate, and empower our region to make positive, permanent change. In this yearbook you will find stories and videos about the...

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2021 Yearbook

Learn about the impact that we, our donors and nonprofit partners have had on our region in our 2021 Yearbook....

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2020 Yearbook

In our latest yearbook, you will find stories highlighting how the Community Foundation continues to improve upon 35 years of experience and sharpen our skills to move issues and make...

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2019 Yearbook

Community is one of the oldest and deepest human desires. Each of us, throughout our lifetimes, belongs to multiple communities – neighborhoods, schools, houses of worship, places of work. Through communities,...

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