Downloads of past yearbooks, newsletters, financial information, grantee resources, and more.

In our latest yearbook, you will find stories highlighting how the Community Foundation continues to improve upon 35 years of experience and sharpen our skills to move issues and make significant change.

Benefiting from the wisdom of our partners and the support of our donors throughout southeast Michigan, we took new approaches to solve problems in areas such as health, civic engagement, youth development, arts and culture, and more.

In the spring of 2020, as we draft this annual report message, 2019 seems like a century ago. Detroit and Michigan are starting to emerge from the initial COVID-19 crisis. Streets are active with protests calling for change to address racial injustice. Our region is so deeply impacted by the virus and loss of life. First responders and health care providers have been pushed beyond all measures and continue to show total commitment and sacrifice. The systemic inequities and bias to which African Americans are subjected have led to a nationwide outpouring.