Downloads of past yearbooks, newsletters, financial information, grantee resources, and more.

Summer 2023 REPORT

Outdoors for Everyone

In the Summer 2023 Report, you’ll read how the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan invests in projects that protect the environment, build climate resilience and support public spaces throughout our region.

Download PDF Jul 14th 2023

Spring 2023 REPORT

Women Leading Change

Learn the stories of the incredible women leading permanent, positive change in southeast Michigan.

Download PDF Mar 24th 2023

2022 Community Foundation Yearbook

Collaborate | Support | Empower

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan continues to support, collaborate, and empower our region to make positive, permanent change. In this yearbook, you will find stories and videos about the impact the Community Foundation is making in partnership with our donor and nonprofit communities.

Download PDF Jul 5th 2022

2021 Yearbook

Through our toughest days of 2020, we saw inspiring examples of our community coming together to support those in need.

Just as the Community Foundation has done for the last four decades, we listened, reached out, and responded with thoughtful, strong, effective action.

Learn about the impact that we, our donors and nonprofit partners have had on our region in our 2021 Yearbook.

Download PDF Jul 15th 2021

Spring 2021 REPORT

Supporting Innovation and Resilience

As we reflect now on all that’s changed since last March, not only due to COVID, but also to the resounding demands for racial justice last summer, we are immensely proud of the resilience and innovation of our grantees, donors, partners, and community members, and inspired by the amount of work they’ve accomplished.

Download PDF Mar 18th 2021

2020 Winter REPORT

Creating Lasting Impact

We don’t always get to see the immediate impact of our work, but this year was different. Together, we moved quickly to make impactful change, while at the same time laying the groundwork for long-term growth.

Download PDF Nov 16th 2020

Pontiac Funders Collaborative 2020 Report

In 2020, the Pontiac Funders Collaborative launched an impact initiative that will ensure a collaborative and community-driven approach to the future. This report documents the first year of our collective work.

Download PDF Sep 18th 2020

2020 Yearbook

In our latest yearbook, you will find stories highlighting how the Community Foundation continues to improve upon 35 years of experience and sharpen our skills to move issues and make significant change.

Benefiting from the wisdom of our partners and the support of our donors throughout southeast Michigan, we took new approaches to solve problems in areas such as health, civic engagement, youth development, arts and culture, and more.

Download PDF Jul 29th 2020

2020 Spring REPORT

Every Michigander Counts

Over the past year, the Community Foundation has been working closely with grantees from the Southeast Michigan Counts Initiative — a project designed to support local efforts for a complete and accurate count in the 2020 U.S. Census.

Download PDF Apr 3rd 2020

2019 Winter REPORT

Building a Promising Future

In the latest issue of the Report, we share stories about how we’re working to ensure a promising outlook for each of the seven counties we serve, while also highlighting some of the generous donors who have made that work possible over our 35-year history.

Download PDF Dec 2nd 2019