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The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is the solution for your clients. Our goal at the Community Foundation is to be the resource on charitable and planned giving for our entire community.

The Community Foundation has the local knowledge and expertise to best serve your clients philanthropic interests. You have the skills and knowledge to best serve your clients' financial and legal interests. It's a perfect partnership.

Whether you need a "silent partner" to provide behind-the-scenes consultation or an active participant with your client, we can tailor our support to your needs and those of your client. Professional advisors can receive assistance in serving their clients through a variety of options available at the Community Foundation.

Making a Gift

You and your clients can make a gift to the Community Foundation at any time - at once or over the course of several years. The Community Foundation can accept gifts of almost any kind, including:
  • Cash
  • Marketable securities, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Restricted stock and IPOs
  • Real estate, mortgages and notes
  • Closely-held businesses, including partnerships and limited liability company interests
  • Qualified intellectual property
  • Life insurance policies

Please call us at (313) 961-6675 to learn how to make any of these contributions. You can also review our Procedures for Making a Gift for assistance with gifts of cash and marketable securities. For your convenience, we also have available a sample letter for electronic transfer of securities.

Note: Most people transferring cash or marketable securities will only need the Procedures for Making a Gift. However, if you are transferring stock in certificate form, you will also need stock power and disclaimer forms.

For valuable tax benefit information, please click here.

Planned Giving

The Community Foundation offers high-quality professional consultation and other planned giving assistance so that you can effectively and efficiently address the needs of your clients.

Charitable and planned giving can be complex, due to the unique circumstances of your client and their goals. With a planned gift through the Community Foundation, you can be sure your client’s goals will be met.

For more information on planned giving at the Community Foundation, please click here.

Foundation Options

Professional advisors can help their clients who are thinking about creating a private foundation - and those managing an existing private foundation - by showing them the options available. The Community Foundation can be an effective partner or alternative in many situations faced by your clients.

Please call us at (313) 961-6675 to learn more about how we can help you and your clients who are considering a private foundation or who are facing difficulties with managing an existing private foundation.

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is not engaged in rendering legal, financial, or tax advice. Information in our publications and on our website is provided as a service to provide general information about charitable giving. Many topics related to charitable giving have complexities and nuances that cannot be adequately detailed in brief articles or announcements. Individuals’ personal situations may vary. Please consult your financial or legal advisor. Performance data is based on past performance and is no guarantee of future results. If you would like to report discrepancies with the information presented, please contact us.
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