Spring 2019 REPORT


Creating a Vibrant Region

From supporting access to locally-grown, nutritious food, parks and trails, resources for people dealing with cancer, the Community Foundation is having an impact on the region’s vitality.

For 35 years, the Community Foundation has brought people together to address issues that impact the region’s residents. This is especially true when it comes to health. Southeast Michigan has some of the most renowned health care institutions in the country — yet population health and vitality requires more than hospitals.

Health is about having access to resources that contribute to a vibrant life and options when struggling with health challenges. The Community Foundation has a long history of partnering with other foundations, nonprofits, and donors to create solutions that support healthy lives.

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Stories of Impact

Healthy People, Healthy Region

The health of a community is often determined by the social conditions of its residents — where they live, work, and play. It is impacted by social supports such as access to food, education, jobs, health care, recreational activities, and transportation.

As an institution that connects resources, experts, community leaders, donors, and nonprofits, the Community Foundation is positioned to positively impact the factors that affect the region’s health and well-being. The Foundation intimately understands the region, supports and executes solutions, measures impact, and influences future initiatives.

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When Playing Helps Healing

Many programs across the region help residents heal from illnesses in ways that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience.

Programs such as Kids Kicking Cancer and Pink Posse are open to the community at large and help improve the lives of residents of southeast Michigan.

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Helping Teens Thrive

While adolescents are generally healthy, mental health and substance abuse issues can greatly impact their lives and future employment, relationships, and overall well-being.

The Community Foundation has a long history of supporting the growth and development of young people and youth-focused organizations.

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