The 2022
Community Foundation

The annual report shines a spotlight on how we collaborate with, support, and empower our generous donors and committed community partners to create positive permanent change in southeast Michigan.

Collaborate | Support | Empower

In the report, you’ll learn how the Community Foundation facilitated more than 5,000 grants totaling $103 million during the past year and navigated a global pandemic that continued to disrupt life in our region.

You’ll explore how our team-led, community-based efforts, stimulate economic growth and increase opportunity.

And you’ll gain insights into our powerful philanthropic partnerships to improve the lives of children across our region.

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Impact Stories

Creative Collaborations Fuel Community Impact

Communities are stronger when organizations and individuals develop shared approaches to addressing problems. That’s why we’re proud of our work with the Pontiac Funders Collaborative, which has granted more than $1.3 million to grassroots nonprofits to support economic growth in Pontiac. The financial investment is significant. But its impact is about much more than money.

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Empowering Communities Across Our Region

As a regional community foundation, we believe success shouldn’t have boundaries. Programs like Positive Emotional Development and Learning Skills (PEDALS), which improves emotional competence and skills for children, are making a lasting mark throughout southeast Michigan.

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Stability and Support for Southeast Michigan Nonprofits

When nonprofits have capable leadership and a stable financial outlook, they have the power to deliver on their mission. Throughout our history, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has made it a priority to strengthen nonprofits in our region through endowment and funding collaboratives.

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How One Philanthropist’s Legacy Continues Through Endowment

Thanks to the philanthropic legacy of one philanthropist, the Detroit Central Market building was restored to its original glory when it was rebuilt at Greenfield Village to provide educational opportunities for all who visit. Donor Ray Smith has ensured perpetual impact with the help of the Community Foundation.

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A Tribute to Mariam C. Noland

Mariam C. Noland retired this March after more than 36 years of incredible leadership as the founding president of the organization. During her tenure, the Community Foundation grew into one of the 20 largest Community Foundations in the country, creating a culture of giving and endowment building that had been lacking in southeast Michigan.

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Becoming a donor

When you want to make an impact in the world, it helps to have a good guide.

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan specializes in making it easy for donors to turn their philanthropic vision into a reality. When you work with us, you’ll partner with a passionate and knowledgeable team of experts who can help you refine your vision and develop a personalized strategy for turning that vision into action

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