Foundation for Detroit’s Future

Foundation for
Detroit’s Future


The Foundation for Detroit’s Future is a nonprofit affiliate of the Community Foundation. It was established to assist in Detroit’s emergence from bankruptcy and the restoration of the city’s economic and cultural vitality for the benefit of all residents of the city, region and state.




The Foundation for Detroit’s Future implements the funding of the DIA Settlement, (commonly known as the “Grand Bargain”) that was negotiated by Federal Mediator the Honorable Gerald E. Rosen and Eugene Driker as part of Detroit’s approved Plan of Adjustment.

A number of foundations that have a longstanding commitment to Detroit’s sustainability, prosperity, and diversity are participating. The provided support will help Detroit emerge from bankruptcy and start rebuilding its economic and cultural vitality. The Foundation for Detroit’s Future is the legal entity through which the foundations and others will provide that support.

The Foundation for Detroit’s Future’s role under the agreement is to collect funds from the participating foundations and other contributors to the DIA settlement and make annual payments to the City for the ultimate support of the pension funds, as provided by the agreements. To ensure accountability, FDF will help monitor the City’s compliance with ongoing grant conditions, including proper pension fund oversight, and provide status reports to the contributing foundations. Additionally, The Foundation for Detroit’s Future will coordinate communications on behalf of the participating foundation funders to ensure accuracy, transparency and compliance with legal requirements.


Foundation for Detroit’s Future has a five-member board of directors:


James B. Nicholson, Chair of the Community Foundation


Allan D. Gilmour, Immediate Past Chair of the Community Foundation


Mariam C. Noland, President of the Community Foundation


Robert J. Manilla, Chief Investment Officer, Kresge Foundation


Kenneth T. Monterio, Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel of the
Ford Foundation