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Your IRA Can Help you Achieve Your Charity Goals

While tax rules constantly change, a cash donation to the Community Foundation out of your IRA may be an appropriate tool to utilize in accomplishing your charitable planning objectives....

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2019 Yearbook

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has the great privilege of connecting people and organizations to their communities – and across communities – through thoughtful philanthropy. Our challenge is to...

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Address your IRA planning now to maximize tax savings

The Community Foundation can help you plan to make your charitable giving as tax efficient and as impactful as possible to maximize tax savings and carry out your philanthropic objectives....

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Supporting the Needs of Today While Creating a Lasting Legacy:
The Story of the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Legacy Funds

Not all of us knew of Ralph, the owner of the Buffalo Bills and resident of Grosse Pointe, but we soon would learn about his astounding generosity....

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Finding Love and Supporting Community

The depth and structure of the Community Foundation was a great way to make sure our giving was done in a way that would have some backbone to it....

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Maximize giving through a donor advised fund

A Community Foundation donor advised fund can help you support charitable causes you care about in southeast Michigan and around the country. It is also a great way to simplify...

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The Power of Endowment: An Enduring Legacy

Endowments are a powerful way for a donor to make an impact in the community focusing on the causes they care about. Many of the Community Foundation’s endowed funds carry...

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Gerry, Scott, & The HOPE Fund

Gerry Banister and Scott Douglass have been together for thirty-two years. They might not have met at all if Gerry hadn’t dropped by Saluté to take a break from family...

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Moments of Inspiration

Looking at 2016 I’ll be honest.  2016 was not an easy year – not for the local community or for the nation.  The violence, the ongoing racism, the negative messages...

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Detroit Expats Give Back Through Community Foundation Homecoming Fund

In 2014, business publication Crain’s Detroit launched a program called Detroit Homecoming, an invitation-only event focused on engaging successful Detroit ex-patriots in the region’s revitalization. The popular event now draws...

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