About the
Pontiac Funders Collaborative

Members of the Pontiac Funders Collaborative came together in 2018 to discuss a joint approach to funding in Pontiac, Michigan.

Working collaboratively, we began to engage with community members to understand where the greatest opportunities for investment were, and where a joint funding approach could have the greatest impact.


The collaborative supports a community-driven process to identify city-wide goals in Pontiac. In addition, it provides funding to build capacity for local leaders and organizations to achieve those goals.

We will support fair, equitable, just, and inclusive efforts that are driven by the community and supported by lessons learned from other efforts.

We commit to support organizations of any size that are led by or serve those who experience or have experienced historical and institutional barriers. This includes people from underrepresented groups, people from low-income backgrounds, and people who have lacked access to basic resources.


By the end of our initial three-year collaboration, we hope to have the following impacts:

Public and Private Investment and Partnerships

Pontiac organizations are leveraging more public and private funds and partnerships.

A More Connected Network

  • A collective impact structure is progressing with measurable outcomes, strategies, and public and private financial support
  • Internal and external communication about the city’s assets and quality of life are positive and widely shared in a coordinated manner that is recognizable.
  • A network of organizations and businesses are aware of each other’s function and purpose and are collaborating in a strategic manner that can be tracked and measured.

Stronger Organizations and Collaborations

  • Key institutions have stronger systems in place to support resident’s needs.
  • Businesses and nonprofits of all sizes have ready and accessible access to technical and financial support
  • The level of trust has improved between organizations and residents. It is evidenced by individual knowledge of what is occurring and utilization of services offered.
  • Pilot projects are building trust amongst community and working toward long-term outcomes for Pontiac’s workforce, public spaces, and businesses.



  • Members of the Collaborative value the full participation of communities and individuals and embrace the many forms of diversity as we draw from the perspectives and experiences of a broad cross-section of Pontiac community members.


  • Members of the Collaborative seek to respect and uplift individuals, communities, and organizations in Pontiac who are working, or have worked in the past to improve the quality of life for the community and change regional perceptions about the city. The Collaborative will seek to invest in existing assets in order to amplify their efforts.


  • Members of the Collaborative believe that philanthropic efforts should support and enhance work that serves Pontiac in ways that are measurable and sustainable. The Collaborative will rely on data to ensure our decision making is evidence-based and results-driven.


  • Members of the Collaborative value working together to leverage shared resources, achieve common objectives and amplify impact. The Collaborative will seek to exchange knowledge, take collective action, and learn from each other. Efforts increase collaboration amongst ourselves, within the city, and across the region.

2022 Community Advisory Committee

Community members who advise on the Pontiac Funders Collaborative’s grantmaking strategy and process.

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