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2017 Winter REPORT Newsletter

2016 Audit

2016 Audit...

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Detroit Journalism Landscape Executive Summary

State of Play Report

Gerry, Scott, & The HOPE Fund

Gerry Banister and Scott Douglass have been together for thirty-two years. They might not have met at all if Gerry hadn’t dropped by Saluté to take a break from family...

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Whose News? Elevating the Voices of Detroiters in Detroit’s Story 

Who reports the news? Who writes it? Who delivers it to the community? Who decides which stories to run? How do stories get to their intended audience? Whose stories are...

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State of LGBT Affairs

Based on information gathered through conversations with focus groups, key stakeholders, funders, and local/national nonprofit leaders in the LGBT community local and nationally, The HOPE Fund Advisory decided to better educate and...

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2017 HOPE Fund Grants

The following HOPE Fund grants were awarded in 2017. $20,550 to the Neutral Zone, to develop Queer Youth Stories, a digital storytelling and dialogue project for gay-straight alliances in southeast...

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Inviting All Voices To The Table

On October 4, 2017, more than 2,000 residents of southeast Michigan participated in On the Table, a new initiative of the Community Foundation. Over breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner, people...

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A Message From The President: Fall 2017

A little over three years ago, Detroit was just beginning to emerge from this country’s largest municipal bankruptcy settlement, Michigan’s unemployment rate was over 7 percent, and the Dow Jones...

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