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Job Skills and Life Skills

In Macomb County, a long-inactive dairy farm has come to life as a place where adults with special needs and developmental disabilities can learn job skills and life skills through...

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Financial Literacy Coaching

An intensive coaching program is helping low-income families become more credit-savvy and financially resilient in preparation for homeownership. Recognizing that existing financial coaching methods were not working, Habitat for Humanity...

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First Generation College Students: I can relate.

I was the first in my family to go to college. I started at a community college, but wasn’t able to afford finishing my bachelor’s degree until several years later...

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In General

Conservation Education with Penguins

We all know that Antarctica is an extreme environment important to our global ecosystem and home to many penguin species. The world class Polk Penguin Conservation Center at the Detroit...

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Expanding Opportunities

Born in 1921, Jeptha Ward Schureman served in World War II and had a successful legal career in Detroit. In 2005, the Community Foundation received $1.7 million dollars from his...

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Mentoring Programs Making a Difference

The Community Foundation supports a remarkable variety of mentoring programs, each with a distinctive approach to a common goal providing guidance and support to people who are attempting to gain...

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Detroit Head Start Early Childhood Innovation Fund Awards Nearly $2 Million in Grants

DETROIT— The Detroit Head Start Early Childhood Innovation Fund announced the awarding of nearly $2 million in grants to Head Start providers in Detroit during a news conference today at...

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In Press Release

Music, Art and Memory

Harnessing the power of art and music to help seniors affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The Community Foundation recently funded two programs in the region that are harnessing the...

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Schools Promote Healthy Habits

Helping schools in Detroit solidify the health outcomes achieved by Project Healthy Schools Reducing childhood obesity and its long-term cardio-vascular health risks is the goal of Project Healthy Schools, a...

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CPR Training for Firefighters

With help from a DMC Foundation grant of $51,000, a program at the Detroit Medical Center is training hundreds of firefighters in adult and infant CPR and basic lifesaving, including...

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