Grants and Endowments during COVID-19

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Much like you, at the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, we are closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

We are working by the hour to equip ourselves and our partners with accurate, up-to-date information and responding as quickly and effectively as possible.

For Existing Grantees

In brief, here are a few responses to common questions from our current grantees that we thought would be helpful to share:

  • Request for Budget Changes: We understand that COVID has had an impact on the way many organizations are able to provide services to their constituents.  As such, we are willing to consider budget changes on existing grants, and/or convert grants made prior to the pandemic to general operating support where possible by the intent of the donor and funding source from within CFSEM. We are also willing to extend the grant period so that you can expend the funds for their intended purpose. Please contact your Program Officer if you would like to explore either of these options.
  • Request for Report Extensions: If you need an extension for a report deadline, please contact your Program Officer. They can work with you to consider a briefer report or waiving the report requirement altogether where possible.
  • Grant Payments:We are planning to pay all grants on schedule. If you would like to request early payment on remaining payments for an existing, open grant, please contact your Program Officer. We are willing to consider early payments on all existing grants if needed by your organization during the pandemic.

For New Applicants

For organizations who want to apply for a new application, here is what you should know:

  • Deadlines: The Community Foundation is maintaining its application deadlines for its General Grant Program. The next deadline is August 16 for a December decision.
  • Temporary Grant Guidelines:When the pandemic hit, we replaced our standard grant guidelines, with revised guidelines that provide more flexible but targeted funds due to COVID-19 related challenges. These guidelines will be in place until further notice. You can find information on applying here.

The Community Foundation has raised additional funds specifically to provide support for nonprofit needs during the pandemic. We are primarily working to identify strong proposals for these funds through our General Grant Program, allowing leveraged investments from our endowed funds to support a greater number of organizations and needs.

How to Stay in Touch

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Nonprofit Agency Endowments

The Community Foundation advocates endowment-building because this source of permanent capital helps organizations plan for a stable and secure future. Endowments are also a great way to generate general operating support funds for your organization.

More than 200 nonprofit organizations are already building endowments with us to benefit their organizations.

Their endowment funds provide these organizations with a reliable, ongoing source of financial support. We enhance their efforts by leveraging our expertise, systems and excellent financial management and oversight.

An endowed fund can help your organization in perpetuity.