Support for the Health and Wellbeing of Southeast Michigan

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For Nonprofits

At the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, we are committed to supporting the people and projects that enhance the health and well-being of our region. 

We recognize that the health of our community is the cornerstone of its prosperity and vitality and are proud to partner with donors and nonprofits that work to promote physical, mental, and social wellness, ensuring that all residents have the opportunity to lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

Investing in projects that improve health and well-being is not just a philanthropic endeavor; it’s an investment in the future of southeast Michigan. By fostering a healthier population, we contribute to a stronger workforce, higher productivity, and reduced healthcare costs. Healthy communities are also more resilient in the face of challenges, better equipped to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We also partner with donors and funders to build the Community Foundation’s endowed Healthy Communities Fund, a long-term strategy for sustainable support. The endowment provides funding for the health of our communities today and ensures that southeast Michigan’s communities remain healthy and happy for generations to come.

Impact you can see.

Our grantees are changing lives throughout the region. From maternal health to access to healthy food and everything in between, the Community Foundation is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of southeast Michigan.

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