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As a Community Foundation, our purpose is to give back to Livingston County to support the public well-being and quality of life to help the community grow. We seek to build community capital and to assist in creating enduring solutions and everlasting positive impact in Livingston County.

Building a Better Livingston County

The Community Foundation for Livingston County is a permanent community endowment established to improve the public well-being and quality of life in Livingston County.

The Community Foundation is led by our Advisory Board, which consists of local business professionals and civic leaders whose roots run deep in Livingston County.  They care about Livingston County, not just because they live here, but because it’s their home. Our Advisory Board members have a strong understanding of ways to leverage resources to continue to make it better for everyone.

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Affiliation

Our foundation operates as an affiliate fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, and we benefit greatly from this relationship and the resources they make available to us.

Through the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, we receive administrative support, including gift and grant processing, investing and financial management, and staff support. The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has also invested additional resources in Livingston County causes and organizations as a result of our encouragement and the long-term relationships that have been developed with local charities. Rest assured, your contributions will be restricted to causes within Livingston County.

Advisory Board

  • Timothy H. Corrigan, Chair
  • Michael J. Lay, Vice Chair
  • Doris Ostrander, Chair Emeritus
  • Denise Brennan-Nelson
  • Gregory D. Clum
  • Pat Convery
  • Daniel E. Danosky
  • Robert W. Herbst
  • Frank J. Mancuso Jr.
  • David D. Rex
  • Philip Utter
  • In Memoriam: Ric Scofield


The Community Foundation for Livingston County awards grants of varying sizes that strengthen charities in the county. Grants typically range from $5,000 to $25,000.

Since 1991, the Community Foundation has awarded more than $800,000 through more than 150 grants in the areas of literacy and education, youth development, economic development and placemaking, health and human services, the arts, civic affairs, recreation, the environment, and more.

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Building Endowment

It’s the Community Foundation’s goal to build the endowment, or community capital, to meet our area’s needs today and tomorrow. 

The endowment pool is managed professionally with a long-term perspective. Funds invested in the endowment pool are subject to a spending plan that makes a percentage of the fund’s average market value available for grants each year.


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