Mariam C. Noland Award

For Nonprofit Leadership

The Mariam C. Noland Award for Nonprofit Leadership was established by the Board of Trustees of the Community Foundation to honor her first 25 years of service to the Foundation. It annually recognizes a nonprofit leader whose service to his/her institution exemplifies the importance of personal commitment to philanthropy. The Award also recognizes the importance of nonprofit leadership that influences beyond the confines of the institution served, and affects the larger philanthropic community in a positive way.

The Mariam C. Noland Award for Nonprofit Leadership will provide a one-time grant of $10,000 to the recipient’s organization to allow the recipient to attend professional continuing education, take a personal sabbatical for career rejuvenation or to engage in philanthropic leadership activities.

Previous Winners


Wayne S. Brown
President and CEO, Michigan Opera Theater



Robert Riney
President Health Care Operations and Chief Operating Officer, Henry Ford Health Systems



Nancy Winzer
Director of Parks and Recreation, City of Port Huron


Kary Moss
Executive Director, ACLU Michigan



Rick Sperling
Founder & President, Mosaic Youth Theatre



Rich Homberg
President & CEO, Detroit Public Television (DPTV)


Roger L. Meyers
President & CEO, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM)


Sheilah P. Clay
President & CEO, Neighborhood Service Organization



Dr. James (Jim) Jacobs
President, Macomb Community College



Kenneth C. Fischer
President, University Musical Society



Susan T. Mosey
President, Midtown Detroit, Inc.