• For Donors

    It is important that you make an informed decision when you make a gift to charity – including a gift to the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. We hope the following outline will help you in making the best decisions as you strive to help others and our community.

  • For Foundations

    Individuals and businesses who are thinking about creating a private foundation - and those managing an existing private foundation - should consider all of the options available to them to ensure that the assets and time being committed to such an undertaking are being effectively and efficiently deployed. The Community Foundation can be a knowledgeable partner or alternative in many situations faced by private foundations.

  • For Nonprofits

    Public charities throughout southeast Michigan can turn to the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan for many services. There are many advantages to working with us, due to the scope of resources and expertise we offer. Grants The Community Foundation invests millions of dollars annually into the health and vitality of southeast Michigan by making grants to public charities. It is important that we make informed and proper grant decisions, and we would welcome an opportunity to hear about the needs of your organization. Please visit our Grants section to learn more.

  • For Professional Advisors

    The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is the solution for your clients. Our goal at the Community Foundation is to be the resource on charitable and planned giving for our entire community. The Community Foundation has the local knowledge and expertise to best serve your clients philanthropic interests. You have the skills and knowledge to best serve your clients' financial and legal interests. It's a perfect partnership.