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2020 Winter REPORT

Creating Lasting Impact

We don’t always get to see the immediate impact of our work, but this year was different. Together, we moved quickly to make impactful change, while at the same time laying the groundwork for long-term growth.

Download PDF Nov 16th 2020

2020 Spring REPORT

Every Michigander Counts

Over the past year, the Community Foundation has been working closely with grantees from the Southeast Michigan Counts Initiative — a project designed to support local efforts for a complete and accurate count in the 2020 U.S. Census.

Download PDF Apr 3rd 2020

2019 Winter REPORT

Building a Promising Future

In the latest issue of the Report, we share stories about how we’re working to ensure a promising outlook for each of the seven counties we serve, while also highlighting some of the generous donors who have made that work possible over our 35-year history.

Download PDF Dec 2nd 2019

2019 Fall REPORT

Furthering Community Engagement

In supporting access to effective treatment for opioid addiction, representing undercounted communities in the census and bolstering programs for immigrants and refugees, the Community Foundation is working to expand opportunity to those who face barriers to success.

Download PDF Sep 13th 2019

2019 Spring REPORT Newsletter

Health is about having access to resources that contribute to a vibrant life and options when struggling with health challenges. The Community Foundation has a long history of partnering with other foundations, nonprofits, and donors to create solutions that support healthy lives.

Download PDF Mar 19th 2019

2018 Winter REPORT Newsletter

2018 Winter REPORT Newsletter


Download PDF Nov 15th 2018

2018 Fall REPORT Newsletter

Download PDF Sep 17th 2018

2017 Winter REPORT Newsletter

Download PDF Mar 9th 2018

2017 Fall REPORT Newsletter

Download PDF Sep 19th 2017

2016 Winter REPORT Newsletter

Download PDF Nov 10th 2016