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Financial Literacy Coaching

September 16th, 2016 Back to Browse Stories

An intensive coaching program is helping low-income families become more credit-savvy and financially resilient in preparation for homeownership. Recognizing that existing financial coaching methods were not working, Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County applied for a Community Foundation grant and received $75,000 over two years to create a pilot called Habitat HOPE. It guides credit-challenged participants through a series of structured financial goals, leading to qualification for the Habitat Homeownership Program.

In addition to building and rehabbing homes, Habitat Monroe also services mortgages and bears some of the costs associated with foreclosure when clients default on their loans. In its first six months, the Habitat HOPE program helped cut mortgage payment delinquency among participants in half — not only helping individual families, but also strengthening the organization’s financial position.

For more information about grants like this, please contact:

Surabhi Pandit

Program Officer

313.961.6675, ext. 123