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Yearbook 2017: Regional Economic Vitality

July 10th, 2017 Back to Browse Stories

In our 2017 Yearbook we highlight three stories about our focus on regional economic vitality.

A strong economy is vital to every successful community. We are becoming a destination for many newcomers including entrepreneurs, immigrants, and millennials. The Community Foundation’s focus on attracting new residents, while still engaging long-term residents’ 
participation in the economic turnaround, is important for the region. Building upon and working with many charitable organizations, the Community Foundation focuses on the opportunities that result in more welcoming and vital communities.

This includes strong cultural institutions, creative and innovative projects, vibrant public spaces, and support systems for all  residents. At the same time, the increased use of technology by businesses, communities, and individuals will speed the pace of change within our region. Everything from mobility, education, housing, and public spaces to arts, music, community engagement, and entertainment will see tremendous change.