$1 Million Endowment Established To Support Detroit Youth Choir Comcast Newsmakers

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This piece originally appeared on Comcast Newsmakers on Oct. 2, 2019.

A group of Detroit-based foundations and members of the business community announced a $1 million endowment to recognize the Detroit Youth Choir following their tremendous accomplishment on NBC’s American’s Got Talent. Mariam Noland, President and CEO of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan joins Laurel Hess to talk about the importance of helping kids forever.

“These young people were amazing,” Noland said. “They brought great credit to the city of Detroit.

“They were winners,” Noland continued. “They needed to feel like winners.”

Despite missing out on the million-dollar prize after finishing in second place, local foundations, businesses and organizations pulled together to give the Detroit Youth Choir the reward the city believed they deserved.

The endowment was announced at the Detroit Youth Choir’s homecoming celebration at Campus Martius as a surprise to the choir.

To learn more about the endowment at the Community Foundation, read the announcement of the fund’s inception or visit its home page for more details.