The 2019
Community Foundation

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan promotes positive change in the region. The Yearbook is our annual report on grants, donors, volunteers and the work being done to improve the lives of everyone who lives, works and plays in Southeast Michigan.

Community is one of the oldest and deepest human desires.

Each of us, throughout our lifetimes, belongs to multiple communities – neighborhoods, schools, houses of worship, places of work. Through communities, we connect with and contribute to the world around us.

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has the great privilege of connecting people and organizations to their communities – and across communities – through thoughtful philanthropy. Our challenge is to use the collective interests of our donors and partners to achieve real, lasting improvement in the quality of life for all throughout the region.

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Stories of Impact


Addressing opportunities to improve lives in southeast Michigan requires innovative approaches. The Community Foundation partners with organizations that are making improvements on a system-wide basis.

We support programs that demonstrate emerging ideas, new collaborations, and solutions to significant challenges.

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Strengthening leaders and organizations that drive change across the region helps nonprofits better serve their communities and contribute to a more vibrant and resilient southeast Michigan. The Community Foundation is a resource for local organizations, helping nonprofits secure the tools, knowledge, and capacity to achieve their missions.

We invest in nonprofit leadership capacity building to help organizations enhance their effectiveness and ensure future sustainability. Providing information on issues as they emerge also helps the region prepare for the future.

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Regional Impact

Complex issues in the region cut across geographic boundaries. The Community Foundation considers issues from the perspective of the seven counties it serves and works proactively to address the area’s greatest needs.

We strive to break down barriers. We look for solutions to issues, to advance equity and to provide opportunities for all to prosper.

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We build capital in the form of endowment to sustain the needs of the community now and in the future.

As a source of flexible community capital for southeast Michigan, we can carry out our donors’ interests in perpetuity and grow permanent capital for individual nonprofits, strengthening their financial stability.

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The Community Foundation makes strategic investments to move the region forward with an eye toward permanent, positive change.

We educate the community on pressing needs, build partnerships, undertake targeted initiatives, and make grants to support promising projects and organizations.

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Making A Gift

For 35 years, the Community Foundation has helped donors to fulfill their philanthropic goals and create permanent, positive change in southeast Michigan.

Learn some of the ways the Community Foundation can help you make the most of your charitable dollars.

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