Fall 2020 REPORT

Looking Ahead During COVID-19

Over the past six months, amidst COVID-19, each of us has faced challenges we never could have expected.

Almost overnight, we shifted to virtual classrooms, testing sites, and social distancing from family and friends. Others faced one of the greatest challenges of all: unexpectedly losing a loved one.

As we often do in southeast Michigan, we pulled together and were reminded that we can’t lose hope. At the Community Foundation, we are surrounded by partners, nonprofits, donors, and community members whose work reminds us not to be defined by the challenges we face, but how we grow from them and move forward together.
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Stories of Impact

Providing Relief During COVID-19

In the past few months, public health data has supplied us with answers to several questions surrounding coronavirus, while many remain.

We have learned how critical it is for health systems to be fully stocked with proper equipment and testing supplies, which businesses and industries have been most negatively affected by the pandemic, and how the people of Michigan are faring during these tumultuous times.

Learn how we are addressing COVID-19

Supporting an Inclusive Vision for the City of Pontiac

In recent years, community members in Pontiac, a city that’s home to 60,000, have spearheaded redevelopment efforts.

Pontiac is a resilient and impassioned community, and its network of grass-roots organizations, advocacy groups, businesses, government leaders, and nonprofits have long been working to improve the quality of life for residents and change negative and uninformed perceptions about the city.

Read about the goals of the Pontiac Funders Collaborative

Continuing to Support Immigrants and Refugees During COVID-19

For generations, thousands of immigrants and refugees have chosen to call southeast Michigan home. In fact, according to a scan commissioned by the Community Foundation published in 2019, more than 70 percent of Michigan’s foreign-born residents live in our region.

Today, that tradition continues, but because of COVID-19 and the recent calls for racial justice, many immigrants and refugees are facing new and unforeseen obstacles.Read how we are supporting immigrants and refugees 

Aspiring Athletes Play on with Equipment Kits from Project Play

In the age of social distancing, many youth sports leagues, practices, and competitions have been canceled, presenting a challenge for children stuck at home who want to remain active, as well as parents who rely on sports to keep kids motivated and engaged during the school year.

In response, the Project Play team has developed free themed sports kits containing basketballs, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, and other equipment to encourage at-home recreation.

Learn about how Project Play is helping keep kids active