The Great Lakes Way

The Vision for The Great Lakes Way

All residents and visitors of southeast Michigan are connected to and benefit from world-class freshwater, wildlife, recreation, and heritage right in our backyard through a Great Lakes Way.

A Great Lakes Way will be an interconnected set of 156 miles of blueways and a 160 miles of greenways stretching from southern Lake Huron through western Lake Erie.

Why The Great Lakes Way?

  • Promote outdoor recreation
  • Catalyze economic development
  • Increase adjacent property values
  • Connect people with nature
  • Celebrate historical and cultural assets
  • Promote conservation and environmental education to developing stewardship ethics
  • Support healthful living and improve quality of life
  • Make southeast Michigan the #1 freshwater recreation destination in the U.S.


Contact Tom Woiwode, Director, GreenWays Initiative or John Hartig, Project Consultant. 

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