Downloads of past yearbooks, newsletters, financial information, grantee resources, and more.

Grant Application Checklist

List of documents and other information needed for the general grant application

Download PDF Sep 4th 2019

2019 Yearbook

Community is one of the oldest and deepest human desires.

Each of us, throughout our lifetimes, belongs to multiple communities – neighborhoods, schools, houses of worship, places of work. Through communities, we connect with and contribute to the world around us.

Download PDF Jul 22nd 2019

2019 Spring REPORT Newsletter

Health is about having access to resources that contribute to a vibrant life and options when struggling with health challenges. The Community Foundation has a long history of partnering with other foundations, nonprofits, and donors to create solutions that support healthy lives.

Download PDF Mar 19th 2019

2018 Winter REPORT Newsletter

2018 Winter REPORT Newsletter


Download PDF Nov 15th 2018

2018 Yearbook

Download PDF Sep 20th 2018

2018 Fall REPORT Newsletter

Download PDF Sep 17th 2018

2017 Winter REPORT Newsletter

Download PDF Mar 9th 2018

2016 Audit

Jan 4th 2018

Audit Vs Review

This document enumerates the differences between the two types of financial analyses we require of all grant applicants.

Download PDF Jan 3rd 2018

Detroit Journalism Landscape Executive Summary

Download PDF Dec 21st 2017