Fall 2019 REPORT


Furthering Community Engagement

In supporting access to effective treatment for opioid addiction, representing undercounted communities in the census and bolstering programs for immigrants and refugees, the Community Foundation is working to expand opportunity to those who face barriers to success.

The American dream is built on the idea that every person can succeed through his or her own hard work and determination.

Generations of families have flocked to southeast Michigan to pursue this dream. Whether your family arrived here during the Industrial Revolution, the early days of the auto industry, or more recently, they came because they saw opportunity. In doing so, they helped write the story of a dynamic and diverse community.

At the Community Foundation, we strive to help make sure every person in our region has a fair chance to achieve his or her version of the American dream. But, unfortunately, we know not everyone has that same chance.

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Stories of Impact

Michigan partners commit $5 million to help address opioid epidemic

In 2017, drug overdoses killed nearly 2,700 people in Michigan, with 2,053 of those deaths attributed to opioids, according to the latest MDHHS statistics. According to a Centers for Disease Control report, overall drug overdose deaths in Michigan exceeded traffic and gun deaths combined in 2017. The Michigan Opioid Partnership recently announced a $5 million effort to aggressively attack the problem.

As Michigan grapples with how to curb the devastating impact of opioid addiction, the Community Foundation is taking a leadership role.

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Engaging Partners for a Fair and Accurate 2020 Census count

The 2020 United States census will impact the lives of every person in southeast Michigan for the next decade.

That’s why the Community Foundation has announced nearly $1 million in grants to more than 30 organizations in our region that are working to promote and support a fair and accurate count in the 2020 census.

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Supporting Immigrants and Refugees

Nonprofit organizations, as well as other community groups and neighborhood associations, have been supporting immigrants and refugees for decades. As the need for support continues to evolve, nonprofits are working hard to effectively deploy resources, such as conducting “know your rights” campaigns; providing direct human services and referrals; serving as a hub for community activities; providing direct legal services, and much more.

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