Whether you are looking for ways to invest your charitable dollars, representing a nonprofit organization looking for funds to support your work, or simply want to know more about what’s happening in southeast Michigan, our staff is here to help.

President's Office

Veronica Blair

Executive Assistant and Office Administrator

Ric DeVore


Governance and Operations

Laura Brownfield

General Counsel

Marty Calvert

Records Management Assistant

Matthew Lewis

Director, Governance and Operations

Gwen Macklin

Office Assistant

Lucy Sanchez-Kalil


Donor Services

Nicole MacMillan

Operations Manager

Randy Ross

Vice President, Philanthropic Services

Lindsey Rossow-Rood

Senior Director, Donor Services


Emily Angyal

Program Coordinator, Health Initiatives

Katie Brisson

Vice President, Program

Ashley Carter

Director, Michigan Justice Fund

Mary Clark

Senior Advisor, Caregiving

Leah Counts

Program Officer, Arts & Environmental Initiatives

Karen Gartrell

Program Assistant and Scholarship Coordinator

Alana Glass

Director, Project Play Southeast Michigan

Kamilah Henderson

Director, PEDALS Michigan

Ashley Jackson

Program Manager, Project Play Southeast Michigan

Rickey Jackson Jr.

Program Manager, Project Play Southeast Michigan

Lisa Jones

Program Assistant, Health Initiatives

Hannah McLaughlin

Program Officer, Health Initiatives

Annie Mendoza

Program Officer, Michigan Justice Fund

Marissa Natzke

Project Manager, Health Initiatives, Michigan Opioid Partnership

Judy Puhl

Program Assistant

Tonya Reeves

Project Manager, PEDALS Michigan

Harmony Rhodes

Program Officer

Olivia Velarde

Program Assistant, Michigan Justice Fund

Sarah Wedepohl

Director, Health Initiatives

Greg Yankee

Director, Arts and Environmental Initiatives

New Economy Initiative

Wafa Dinaro

Executive Director

Mary Fulmer

Senior Program Officer

Gift and Grant Services

Lauren Castillo

Processing Coordinator

Tarenia Clark

Grant Coordinator

Kellie Dugan

Philanthropic Services Assistant

Joshua Frost

Philanthropic Services Assistant

Ryan Krueckeberg

Director, Gift & Grant Services

Marlene Rencher

Grant Assistant

Talent and Culture

Surabhi Pandit

Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Community Engagement

Olubunmi Parks

Vice President, Talent and Culture

Livia Slebodnik

HR Generalist

Finance and Administration

Claire Devlin

Senior Accountant

Cathy Hilfinger

Senior Accountant

Jenilyn Norman

Vice President, Finance and Administration

Callan VanHemert

Senior Accountant


Brad Westlake


Information and Technology

Patrick Carr

Director, Information Services and Grant Management

Anna Savage

Information Technology Project Coordinator

Monique Sims

Information & Database Manager

Marketing and Communications

Sheryl G. Arb

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Kate Baudeloque

Event and Marketing Specialist

Ashley Collins

Digital Communications Officer

Leslie Ellis


Briana Mitchell

Communications Associate

Millie Pruchnic

Digital Graphic Design Manager

Jack VanAssche

Digital Media Specialist