Recovery is Not Linear


Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at engaging users where they are in their journey. We funded a number of efforts to expand harm reduction services and direct vital resources to the local community-based organizations that could most directly intervene.

Michigan Harm Reduction Project


Opioid use can result in fatal overdoses, and Michigan has among the highest opioid overdose fatality rates in the nation. Intravenous drug use can also lead to disease transmission, including HIV and Hepatitis C infections. Efforts, such as Naloxone distribution and syringe exchange programs, can help reduce harmful effects of drug use.

With global public health organization Vital Strategies and the Council of Michigan Foundations, we formed the Michigan Harm Reduction Project. This project funds local groups expanding harm reduction services in their jurisdictions to reduce overdose deaths. In 2020, we made grants to ten Michigan-based community foundations committed to caring for the health and wellbeing of people who use drugs.

Post Overdose Rapid Response Initiative


Research shows that in the 24 to 72 hours after a nonfatal overdose, there is a critical window of opportunity to engage people who use drugs and connect them with resources to prevent a repeated overdose.

In 2021, we funded seven nonprofit organizations across the state to provide outreach for individuals who have recently survived a drug overdose, connect them with resources, and prevent future overdose mortality – all within this three day window.

Post Overdose Rapid Response Quarterly Convenings


We co-host quarterly virtual convenings with Wayne State University’s Center for Behavioral Health and Justice for those engaged in post-overdose rapid response work to connect with peers. Practitioners use the time to share challenges and successes and discuss program-related learnings and questions. If you are engaged in post overdose rapid response work in Michigan and are interested in participating in these convenings, please contact us at

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